Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Personal Finance Guide: A Review

Recently, my wife and I began to put together our first real budget.  We have paid all of our debt and we would like to begin saving a substantial amount of money so that we can one day put down a large down payment on a house.

Since we have been focused on finances recently, we have both been doing research.  My wife is reading a book written by "America's Cheapest Family," in order to get ideas on how to reduce our grocery bills and to write a great yearly budget.  I on the other hand continue to listen to one of my favorite radio shows on NPR, Market Place Money(if you haven't listened to this show you have to podcast it! [ www.marketplace.org ]), but I've also started looking into other sources of great information on the web.  One the recent finds that I really like is a blog titled, Personal Finance Guide:  Professional Guide to Your Personal Finance, and you can find it here:  http://www.personal-finance-guide.org

 The site is very easy to navigate and if you are having any financial problems or questions, it has very direct answers that are easily understandable to the average layman.  The blog covers a wide variety of topics.  Things like loans, bankruptcy, real estate, dealing with college financially, investing, and how to save money.  One of the things that I really liked was that it broke down different types investment strategies into simple terms.  For instance, I was reading about the basics of stock trading (a dirty business if you ask me and one I equate to white collar gambling, but my wife says I can use the money we have in our Scott Trade account and play with it) and also the basics of bonds.  I knew very little about bonds before reading the explanation there, but I feel a little more comfortable with the concept now.

If you are interested in financial matters,  The Personal Finance Guide is an excellent place to find answers.    http://www.personal-finance-guide.org/